Why I plan you pack?

1.I want to help YOU travel: For the last five years I’ve helped friends, family and friends of friends to plan their trips. It has been very satisfying to make that desire to travel come true.

2.My expertise, YOUR convenience: After nine countries and more than sixty cities I have learned many tricks to get the most out of a limited travel budget. It also taught me to organize myself and planned every detail, which has allowed me to explore more with less.

3.Stress-Free Planning: Many people want to travel, but do not have the time to plan vacations, analyze statistics, read news about the destination they want to visit, investigate where to eat or not eat, what activities to do, what applications to download or how to use them, etc. I will take care of that so you can start a stress-free vacation time.


How does it work?

1. Send me your need, completing the Quote Request Form.
2. I custom-build your itinerary.
3. I deliver by PDF and once approved I proceed with bookings.

The delivery time will depend on the type of service chosen.

Services and fees:

Service 1: Find me a cheap flight: Select this option if you are just looking for a cheap flight ticket.

Service 2,3 and 4: Plan according number of nights you will travel.

These services includes options to mix according to your needs: Flight + Hotel + car + activities + cruise.

Other fees can be added to the chosen service depending on how detailed your request is.

For example:

I want to go to Seattle during summer and I need: Flight + hotel + a list of only vegan restaurants and bars with happy hours.
I want to travel whenever city that includes a concert with X Band with the best bundle offer: Flight + hotel ticket + car or shuttle + concert ticket.

I’m interested, how do I start?

By completing the QUOTE REQUEST FORM on your right side of the page (Website version) or below (Phones and Tablets). I will receive your request and contact YOU shortly.

* If the service you require is not within the predetermined services, choose OTHERS and I will contact you to colect all the information.



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